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Car seat:

Car seats can be divided into separate seats and bench seats according to their shapes; It can be divided into fixed type, detachable type and adjustable type according to functions; It can be divided into single seat, double seat and multi seat seats according to the number of seats. According to the use performance of seats, from the earliest fixed seats to multi-function power adjustable seats, there are air cushion seats, electric seats, stereo seats, spiritual recovery seats, and even electronic adjustment seats. It can be divided into leather seats and flannelette seats according to the material. There are also seats for special use objects, such as children's seats and racing seats.

Armrest box:

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the popularity of family cars and people's increasingly high requirements for the decorative art effect of automobile interiors, as well as functions and environmental protection practicality, leather handrails have been developed unprecedentedly! The leather armrest box takes the environment-friendly high-density board as the frame, supplemented by injection molded parts and metal parts. The appearance design is people-oriented, which not only improves the practicality of driving, but also has outstanding performance in the aesthetic sense of appearance! There are a variety of process handrails with different styles and functions to meet the high-end demand market. The process handrails are mainly characterized by avoiding perforation and installation. They are easy to install, and do not damage the original vehicle structure. The storage space is large. The overall line is smooth, the structure is reasonable, and the materials are exquisite and durable. The price varies according to the different materials and functions. Compared with the engineering plastic handrails, the price is higher, The existing manufacturers have performed well in creating intelligent and environment-friendly handicrafts.


Exterior Accessories:

Automobile exterior trim parts include: front and rear bumpers, wheel openings, air intake grilles, radiator masks, anti chafing strips, etc. Automobile exterior trim is an exterior part that is connected to the body by bolts or clips. The bumper system of the car includes the front bumper and the rear bumper, which can absorb energy, reduce the injury degree of the body, electrical appliances and other components, and reduce the injury to the legs of pedestrians during the collision. The bumper generally consists of skin, energy absorbing block and reinforcing plate. At present, the commonly used exterior decoration materials for automobile exterior decoration parts include PP, ABS, ASA, POM, PA, PC, PE, etc.

Interior Accessories

The automobile interior system is an important part of the automobile body, and the design workload of the interior system accounts for more than 60% of the vehicle modeling design workload, far more than the automobile appearance, and is one of the most important parts of the body. Every car factory usually has a large car interior trim team to complete a lot of engineering work related to the interior trim.