Factory Tour

We have our own production factory for seats, curtains and car electronic equipment, and have established good cooperation with other car modification parts factories to ensure our products cover a wide range, provide more comprehensive services for customers, and meet the one-stop purchasing needs of customers.

Seat manufacturing line: We have introduced a full set of cutting and welding equipment to ensure the stability of the seat frame, high elasticity foam is the first guarantee of comfort, and we have invited many designers to design sewing solutions for us to ensure that our seats can present the most perfect appearance.

Curtain manufacturing line: compared more than ten manufacturers, selected fabrics, in order to different fabric materials, can achieve the best use of the effect. Hand stitching strictly control the quality of each product. In terms of privacy, the blackout to bring customers the best experience.

Production Line - Curtain

Production Line - Partition

Production Line - Leather

Production Line - Water Turn And Peach

Production Line - Seats

Warehouse Line